Our Story

Our story began in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After being furloughed from a job she loved in the hospitality industry, founder Katie Easton dreamt of starting her own business. 

WIth her newfound time, she was able to meal prep and cook for her family more and more. Friends even began asked her to meal-prep for their families as well! 

After much encouragement from loved ones, Katie decided to give it a shot and Dished! was born!

Katie says, "I love being able to help busy families and those who don't enjoy cooking. I always had a hard time maintaining a healthy diet because as a society we're made to believe that healthy food is basic, bland, and quite frankly, boring. I don't do boring food!" 

We're on a mission to help people see healthy food can be full of flavor, fulfilling AND convenient!  

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individually portioned meals served
recipes tested
line cooks, support staff & meal prep wizards

Dished! is your local healthy meal connection located in Springboro, Ohio. 

We offer a weekly rotating menu featuring health-focused, individually portioned meals and snacks, as well as meal kits with very little assembly required!

We use only whole foods that are fresh, and whenever possible, locally sourced and organically grown. 

We will never use prepackaged or ready made foods that sat on a shelf for months on end! 

Set your healthy habits up for success and let us do the meal prep for you! Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, we are here to help keep your health goals within reach, one satisfying bite after another!


Questions? Email us at info@get-dished.com or call (937) 210-9282. We're here to help!

Our Story